Power BI Helper

Power BI Helper is a smart tool that allows us to analyze Power BI Desktop files or connect to the model running inside the Power BI Desktop instance and check various performance-related statistics or metadata.

In the latest major update released in December 2019, it brings a huge list of new features like pages, visuals and bookmarks metadata available, visual comparer, visualization tree, the reverse dependency tree, DMV execution page, and dependant calculations for tables and columns with many more features.

The most liked feature I’m using is the option to perform an in-depth review of how data are spread in Power BI *.pbix file before I will distribute them to the end-user. Usually, there is a lot of ballast from the development process consuming the memory and affecting performance. Using Power bI Helper I can easily identify such cases and remove obsolete data from the file and compact it for delivery and performance. The file compaction ratio can be significant. Check out more on blog.

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