Power BI Report Server release schedule

Who is using Power BI Report Server in regular production with many users creating and publishing reports in Power BI Desktop is facing one crucial issue: there is regular monthly release for Power BI desktop but releases for Report Server for Power BI are coming unexpectedly even Microsoft has announced it should be every 4 months. So it’s then really hard to align users with that and answer their question when exactly they can use this new cool Power BI Desktop feature also in their Power BI Desktop for Report Server version.

Starting 2019 is should be much easier to answer the question because Microsoft has announced regular release scheduling for Power BI Report Server: Starting in 2019, we will be shipping a new release of Power BI Report Server in January, May and September each year.

This should help us properly to plan for that, inform our users in advance and schedule updates for Power BI Desktop for Report Server to be updated on time.

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